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We hope all is well and you’re enjoying the beautiful spring weather and all it brings. The gardens are beautiful – lots of fragrance and color. The blue sky seems most vibrant in spring. The warm, dry weather has been most welcome. What a soggy winter! We hope to say farewell to our rain gear soon.

The upcoming warm weather not only brings beautiful walking weather, but ticks, bees, fleas and poison oak. We’ve already pulled off a few ticks, we’re steering clear of the rosemary and other bushes and plants in which the bees love to congregate and keeping an eye out for poison oak. We’re mindful of the heat as well and how it can impact your pet. We’re doing everything we can to make sure your pet is safe and well cared for while in our care. Please let us know of any special instructions or check with your vet regarding how best to care for your pet should a bee sting occur – and let us know.

Please check your pets ID tags. Check for current contact info and that they are legible. Shallow engraving wears out pretty quickly. Also, if you use more than one collar – be it for training or simply fashion, all collars should have tags. LEASH/HALTI/COLLAR/HARNESS – We check all equipment, making sure the stitching is in good repair and safe. Please do the same. If you have a variety of leashes – in the car, in the yard, for walking… double check that your loved one hasn’t chewed the leash to the point of being unsafe. Also, proper fit is important. Your local pet store friends are happy to help. Lastly, the collar you bought for your puppy may still fit – but is it strong enough and comfortable? Think about upgrading the cute puppy collar to a sturdy leather collar – especially for the medium to large pups.

We’ve accumulated a few things over the years and are happy to lend gates, mats, harnesses etc. For instance, if your dog has had an injury or surgery and the low traction floors are a little tough to negotiate, putting yoga mats down can help through the healing process. Gates for new puppies, need I say more? And on the other hand – if you have any equipment you will not use, please let us know and we’d be happy to include it in our library.

We’re working on an official emergency plan. We’ve been really fortunate considering where we live and what Mother Nature has been up to. We do have Safe Spots to take your pets should the need arise. They are the homes/yards of clients, friends or sitters. They are safe, secure and will be amply supervised. If you are interested in offering your yard as a Safe Spot, please let me know. Details to come.

Summer will officially start with the arrival of Memorial Day weekend – just a few weeks away. If you’ve got some plans for heading out of town and your pets will need our care, please let me know – even if you’re not 100% sure, it would be best to pencil them in.

Making sure that kids have a healthy respect and understanding of pets is so important. We have a great brochure illustrating and discussing how best to approach pets. If you’d like to share this info with friends or family – please let me know and we’ll pop some in the mail to you. We will have the brochure on the website as well. And speaking of the website….

The website is being updated as we speak. Along with including the Pet Safety for Kids page, all of the local dog parks are now listed with their phone numbers and addresses – there will be more fun and interesting content as well. If you have any photos you’d like to share, please send them! All pets welcome – in action or portraits. We’ll include as many as we can on the site.

Thanks for all of the ‘friend requests’ – I’m not ignoring you, I just haven’t gotten into the Facebook thing. It is on the agenda – let’s get through the web updates and ARF festival first.

Well, that’s about it for now.

Thanks as always for your trust and confidence in allowing us to care for your precious pets. From the curious kitten, tireless puppy, sweet bunny or chicken to the energetic teen dog or aging honored friend – truly, it is our pleasure and we don’t take this privilege lightly.

Have a glorious day!
Top Dog

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