Spring 2013


Today, Sunday April 28 is National Pet Parents Day and I wanted to be the first to wish you an extra  wonderful & special day to you and your pets.  No doubt, EBPC clients are truly devoted to the health, safety and well being of their pets and it is our pleasure and honor to be of service.  Who knows, maybe they’ll make you some kibble cakes and serve you in bed or make some spray painted kibble art for your fridge.  Enjoy the day – feel special, feel proud – because you’re the best!

As many of you know I belong to the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.  I attend the NAPPS conference each year and come back all revved up with lots of great new info and insights after spending several days with incredible speakers and my fantastic colleagues.  This year, a new initiative was created.  We’ve now included YOU the Pet Parent as part of our family.  If you go to the NAPPS website, you will see a Pet Parent tab.  We are currently working on additional content and I’ll keep you updated.  I happen to be the Chair of this committee, so please check it out and I welcome your suggestions as to the type of content you’d be interested in.

Thanks to those of you who have put in your summer vacation requests in early.

If you haven’t sent in your requests yet, please do so as soon as possible.


So again, I wish all of you a wonderful Sunday and again, Happy Pet Parents Day.  Your love and devotion to your pets is heart warming.  Thanks for letting us play our part with your loved ones.  Hope to see you on the 19th!

Woofs, Wags & Purrs –


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