Happy 2014!

We hope that this New Year brings good health, happiness, good times and lots of fun to all.

We enjoyed caring for your guinea pigs, hamsters, chickens, reptiles, fish, gardens, homes and of course your cats & dogs. We’re ready for more – rain or shine – as always. And speaking of rain, please leave a towel by the door – it’s got to start raining again sometime soon.

As most of you know, I never miss the NAPPS annual conference and am looking forward to heading to San Diego in March for this years event. NAPPS is trying something new this year, a virtual conference. There will be viewing parties across the country allowing more pet sitters to attend. I have been asked to host the event in San Diego. More mingling and sharing of ideas. There is technology involved (uh-oh) but will be a great experience. I can’t wait.

NAPPS celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. NAPPS has created a new form of membership – for you – the Pet Parent. Pet Parent members have access to a virtual library, teleconferences twice a year, a message board and an e-newsletter three times a year, special offers, coupons and more. I happen to be Chair of this committee and it’s brand new and evolving. If you’re interested in more info – just let me know.

I just re-read the above, sounds like a NAPPS commercial! I am very enthusiastic about NAPPS because I get so much out of the organization. One aspect I most enjoy is being able to speak with pet sitters across the country – whether they are a sole proprietor or have over 100 employees (yes really) we love to share stories, ideas and support and help each other. I remember once, years ago, a client said to me – ‘Must be nice, all you have to do is walk dogs all day’ . Nothing could be further from the truth.

And speaking about the Pet Parent teleconference, the last one was fantastic. In doing some research, I discovered Dog Scouts of America. Really! I had the President of Dog Scouts on the teleconference for discussion and a Q&A. It was so interesting and informative. If you’re interested in doing a little something extra with your dog – let me know. Yes – they get badges and everything! I have several pups and their people in mind that I think would really enjoy it. You can do as much or as little as you want – no pressure. You can join a troop, form a troop or fly solo. Check out their website. I’d love to know what you think.

Also, some of you know that I am a Level II Animal Reiki practitioner. Guide Dogs for the Blind accepts this form a treatment as a viable resource for the dogs in their facility. My previous experience on the Dogs for Diabetics training team has made me aware of the special needs of the service dog. I will be volunteering my service to Guide Dogs beginning this year. There are other practitioners providing Reiki and Canine Massage as well. The dogs have a beautiful ‘spa’ room to receive these relaxing treatments. Guide Dogs has tours of their facility so if you have a free afternoon, take a trip to San Rafael. I think you’d enjoy it.


Pet First Aid classes will resume in February. Most of the classes will be held in Walnut Creek. I’m just firming up the details. This is a 4 hour class and though not intended to replace veterinary care, you can learn a lot about emergency treatment for your dog or cat should an incident occur. Just what would you do if your dog or cat were choking, bleeding, unconscious? There are a few types of classes, please contact me if you’re interested in more information. Yes – I will be the instructor.

So another new year is upon us. We thank you for your trust and confidence in allowing us to care for your precious loved ones. We resolve to improve our services to you through continued community engagement, continuing education and continued team training. After 10s of 1000s of visits, we’re still learning and seeing something new. Our team meetings are very lively, much sharing of information. I continue to maintain my Certified Pet Sitter status and share the info from my classes and events with the team.

Thanks once more and cheers to another great year.

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